50 years ago today: The original image famously used on the 1985 Smiths album “Meat Is Murder” and the documentary In the Year of the Pig. The caption reads:

“Marine Cpl. Michael Wynn, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, seems to be trying to get a message across with a takeoff of the hippie slogan ‘make war not love’ written on his helmet here. Wynn is taking a breather during Operation Ballistic Charge. 9/21/67”

More sluggish. A bunch of design changes for change’s sake. None of them seem to be solving any actual problems. #iOS11Review

“And I carry it with me and I sing it loud / If it gets me nowhere, I’ll go there proud” #RIPJimCroce

So, those LED bulbs with the yellow filament produce yellow light. Not “soft white” as it says on the box. Yellow. #WheresMyReceipt