My first optometry appointment after my 40th birthday yields a little drusen and now I require expensive UV-blocking glasses, a cocktail of vitamin supplements, and the coup de grâce — kale smoothies. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Nearly bought a bunch of Christmas presents at stores around town until I searched for them on Amazon. They were all there — and, as usual, every single one was cheaper. Stores aren’t even trying.

“The president did not mention how much the envisioned moon program might cost, when astronauts might plant their feet in the lunar soil or when an eventual Mars mission might be launched. But the directive serves as an official rejection of the Obama administration’s more open-ended space policy, putting the focus squarely back on the moon in the near term.”
William Harwood

The space program was one of the few things that was an aimless mess under Obama.

Bleh. Yet another server rebuild is in my future:

“Q. Can I perform an in-place upgrade from an existing version of Amazon Linux to Amazon Linux 2?

“No, an in-place upgrade from the existing Amazon Linux image to Amazon Linux 2 is not supported. We recommend that you test your application on a fresh installation of Amazon Linux 2 first before migrating.”

I’m freezing my jingle bells off here and winter doesn’t even start for another week.