First week of fall semester. Lots of good energy here but also depressing to walk around and see very few of the same faces I saw at the beginning of my first fall quarter in 2005.


Bloomberg on in-flight wifi:

Gogo hasn’t done itself any favors. Steadily increasing fees and deteriorating data speeds have further annoyed already cranky flyers. “The service is so unreliable at this point that I don’t get a good enough ROI to spend $60 a month to maybe be able to download my e-mails,” says health-care executive and former Gogo user Manuel Hernandez.

I’ve complained about this often. Every year, my wife and I visit her family in Japan. And every year, I think to myself, “Ok, another year has passed. Maybe now in-flight wifi won’t suck.” Nope. I don’t even mind the exorbitant cost all that much — it’s the lack of availability and reliability of something that has existed for over 15 years.

And worse, the last time we flew ANA, we discovered that they dropped Gogo and switched to some other service that’s even more expensive and less reliable. Take a look at these “plans” for their Boeing 777s:

Various plans are available to suit your needs.

[Fees (USD)]
30min Plan - $4.95 *15MB Limit
1hr Plan - $8.95 *30MB Limit
Full Flight Plan - $19.95 *100MB Limit

“Full flight”? In 2015, 100MB will be gone even before reaching cruising altitude. (Oh, and if your iPhone starts backing up to iCloud when it detects a wifi connection, you’re screwed.)