In the report, released Thursday, the airline says it had allowed internal policies to distract from the need to treat passengers with dignity and respect and it outlines what the company intends to do to prevent a repeat of the incident. Lori Aratani

Sounds to me like a response that could easily apply to the two other ridiculous airline incidents in the past week. My advice: Unless you need to cross a large body of water, hop in the car, roll down the windows, crank the music, and avoid these airline jabronies altogether. #itsthejourney

If anyone has an outdoor event scheduled and you want to make sure the weather will be dry, just let me know and I’ll plant some grass seed in my yard. #ugh

Wasn’t expecting to be all that impressed bc I’m not watching on a 4K monitor, but this video quality (from space!) is quite something. (And I love the response to the question about inspirational movies: “Spaceballs, because we’re basically flying at ludicrous speed right now.”) #nasalive4k

To explain the layoffs, ESPN also published a short memo titled “ESPN’s content evolution strategy,” written by six of Skipper’s top deputies. Using more buzzwords and saying even less, it explains that fewer people are watching ESPN’s TV shows, and so ESPN needs to change their TV shows to attract those fans, along with making sure there is plenty of interesting video online for them. — Kevin Draper

Media’s a severely crowded business and it’s only getting worse. If you work (or are wanting to work) in it, you’re best not thinking of it they way it was in the past. And if you’re talent, you’d better have more to offer than just being a carbon copy of the bazillions of other talking heads.

As for ESPN in particular, I’m not a sports guy so I literally never notice it. I did briefly take a look at their WWE vertical (as they call it), but it’s mostly just carefully-written and probably WWE-sanctioned clickbait that can’t seem to figure out if it wants to be about reality or kayfabe.

Testing on these crazy curved monitors. Gimmicky, yes, but they do make sites feel more dimensional.

Really wanted to go to bed. And then the David S. Pumpkins episode of #SNL.