All good things eventually come to an end. One of my favorite web services that I’ve used for five years, CrashPlan, announced that they’re shutting down their consumer backup service and will only be offering business and enterprise backup. CrashPlan is easily the best bargain in cloud backup (which, by the way, you ought to be doing if you’re not already. Copying files to a thumb drive is not backup.). When I first saw their plans (unlimited storage for 10 devices for $12/month), I had two reactions: “sweet” and “this is a totally unsustainable business model.”

Even attempts at rolling my own backup solution using Duplicati and S3/Google Drive, or even using EC2 with CrashPlan’s computer-to-computer backup, I’ve never gotten the price down as low as CrashPlan+. (And forget about Carbonite, Mozy, etc. — they’re crazy expensive.) At least they’ve offered a very generous 1-year discount on CrashPlan for Business, which will give me some time to find another solution.

Well, the total eclipse was partially cool. Cloud cover kind of spoiled it (#Ohio). At least 2024 is guaranteed to be dark here. #EclipseEclipsed

Prediction: Most played song on the radio today will be “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.