Here’s hoping this means my TV will no longer reboot itself twice a day every day.

A fascinating illustration of the land that makes up my neighborhood after it was deeded in 1911 to the children and heirs of Henry Cooke following his death in 1910. (Henry Cooke — of Cooke Road fame — was a successful businessman whose family settled in this area in 1800.)

What strikes me as really interesting about this map is the comparison to the present-day GIS map (below) — the land that was owned by Ruth Maize is particularly interesting because the intent appears to have been to extend Deland and Westwood down to the river, presumably developing homes along those roads (including riverfront lots!). There’s even a road indicated there behind those riverfront lots — “Arnett Avenue” — that was never developed. Columbus acquired most of those parcels in the mid-1950s and has always used them for baseball diamonds and athletic fields for Whetstone High School. Can you imagine the land rush if the Board of Education ever decides they would rather have the money than the land?

What I’m most interested in finding out, however, is the history of those original lots between 1911, when Cooke’s land was deeded, and the 1920s, which is the earliest date listed on the transfer histories of the homes in this neighborhood, many of which note a different land owner by then.

Man, it’s crazy how fast the internet takes me into the weeds. Just spent a couple of hours googling the previous owners of my house. One of them, a couple who lived here ’60s and ’70s, owned a bunch of acres of empty land near present-day Upper Arlington High School that they developed and sold through an arrangement with a realtor. (What would it be worth today in that neighborhood?!) The only reason I found anything about them is because they filed a lawsuit back in the ’60s over the income generated from that deal. History!

I don’t know why, but I find historical aerial photography absolutely fascinating. It’s a unique kind of time traveling. This 1953 picture shows a house existing in what is now the Whetstone High School parking lot (right in the center with the circular driveway). Strangely, my nearby house — which was built in 1950 according to every bit of paperwork I have — is not in this photograph. 🤔

Walking across campus. Creepy Jim Parsons in a window.

Like I said before, AmazonBasics is the best brand of just about anything. Inexpensive but not cheap. We’ll see how it holds up, but this DSLR sling bag seems pretty darn good.