First steel chair to the head in many years. Granted it was self-inflicted. #WarGames

When I started in radio and we were playing music off of compact disc, we always sped the players up anywhere from two to four percent. I think generally it was 2.6% if I remember right. Our program director said it was to make the station sound “brighter”, but in reality it was about squeezing more into an hour (not only music but commercials, too) and because of people’s short attention spans.

Comedy Central: You’re not fooling me. I know you’re speeding up That ’70s Show to fit in more commercials. All of the characters sound like chipmunks.

“Because a virtual office in a virtual home / Means you never have to drive through the wrong part of town / Pass this along by word of mouse / Save the world, don’t leave the house” #fridaymix

“LL Cool J is bringing the sound of his roots to SiriusXM, presenting his own classic hip-hop channel, Rock The Bells Radio. Launching in early 2018, the channel will bring music, interviews, and in-depth retrospectives, all curated and presented by LL Cool J.” Tommy West

So what about Backspin? Hoping they don’t take this channel in the same direction as Shade 45. That channel is billed as “uncut, uncensored hip hop curated by Eminem”, but really it’s mostly just talk.