Remember that Seinfeld episode when George was telling stories about his life to the housing board and they were sobbing because of how horrifying they were? I woke up to dog puke on the new couch this morning — which made me an hour late for work — and I just now finished up a midnight service call from Roto-Rooter so that we can use the sink tomorrow (because I never learned my lesson on garbage disposals. Pro tip: Don’t put food down them because they don’t actually work.)

And this is not a real unusual day lately.

ACTV was my life from 1990 until I began working in 1993 (ages 13 to 16). I volunteered there nearly every night after school and most weekends doing camera, TD, whatever. I even ran a couple of my own productions (I use that term very loosely) on the channel as well. I have a similar mug somewhere.

Need to burn another week of vacation time, not including Christmas vacation. Wife won’t use any more PTO until next year. Extend Christmas vacation by another week, or take a separate week and go somewhere by myself? (And don’t say, “Use the week for projects around the house”. No. Just, no.)