For fun, here’s my solution for a free DIY cloud camera storage solution à la Nest Aware or Foscam Cloud. #nerdalert

  • Place a computer away from the camera but on the same LAN (so that videos are transferred off the camera quickly in the event of the camera being stolen/disconnected/destroyed shortly after an alarm is triggered) — preferably in a hidden spot, and of course where there’s power and a solid wifi signal. Laptops are best since they have battery backup.
  • Install the built-in Windows FTP server (under IIS) and set up a user with FTP access. OS X also has a built-in FTP server.
  • Set the FTP server to preserve partial uploads (again, in the event of the camera being disconnected abruptly).
  • Install Google Drive, set the Google Drive folder as the default FTP location in Server Manager, and give the FTP user access to it.
  • Set the camera (in my case, a Foscam PTZ IP camera) to FTP storage (instead of SD card/local storage) and input the IP address and user of the PC.
  • And obviously, set the camera to record on motion detection with alarm pre-record. Another nice (although poorly-named) feature is “camera sound”, which blasts a very alarming sound out of the camera itself every time motion is detected.

Videos will begin syncing to Google Drive almost immediately after the motion detection trips. Also, the only limitation is the amount of storage you have in Google, which is insanely cheap. Or you could just pay $10/month, but I think we all have enough monthly bills for internet things.