Tomorrow, scary old floor tiles in the basement go away. I had to snap a picture of this design for posterity. I don’t know if it had some significance for the previous homeowners or if it was simply a quirky thing they decided on, but it’s neat nonetheless.


“Passengers on a morning train on the Tokyo region’s Tsukuba Express line might not have noticed anything was amiss Tuesday. But when their train left Minami-Nagareyama station, it did so 20 seconds ahead of schedule — and when the company noticed, it issued an apology to customers. […]

“The train had arrived at the station on time, at 40 seconds past 9:43 a.m. It was supposed to leave one minute later, at 9:44:40 — but instead, it left at 9:44:20.” Bill Chappell


An interesting observation: When I connected Google Wifi to my existing router with DHCP enabled on both (so, double-NATing), my device speed tests were very low (reporting 5Mb/s on a 60Mb/s connection). However, when I set the router to bridged mode and let Google WiFi be the only router, speed tests are normal. Actual speed seemed fine, so maybe double NATing just screws up the tests. Long story short: Don’t double NAT.