Already a noticeable difference in my WiFi dead zone of doom after hooking up these babies.

I am FLABBERGASTED that I was not interviewed for this book. It is awesome, however, and contains an excellent photo of a younger Ron Barlow. Ron and I sat across from each other for 4 hours every Sunday morning in the ’90s while I ran the board for his country classics show, “Country Gold Sunday Morning” on WLLD.

Channel 4’s on-screen stock ticker shows $NXST, because anybody besides them actually cares about that stock. 🤦🏻‍♂️

My grandfather. #happyveteransday

“With complete disregard of his own personal safety, Private Dunn twice removed wounded under fire and carefully brought them down the hill to the aid station. When telephone communication failed, Private Dunn drove up the hill under particularly heavy fire to reestablish contact with Captain Bell and coordination with higher headquarters. During a lull in delivering messages, he crawled over to a machine gun position and relieved the EM there by firing one thousand rounds. Then he crawled 50 yards to the next machine gun emplacement to fire another one thousand rounds. As he was crawling to the third machine gun position, the concussion of a nearby falling artillery shell knocked him down. Returning to his messenger duties, Private Dunn continued to expose himself in the execution of his work.”

$MAT up around 30% on rumors of an acquisition by $HAS. My timing on that buy was 💯.

The tech I want is a WiFi-enabled indoor drone with a live streaming camera that I can fly around the house, checking on things like doors, windows, pipes, etc., while I’m on vacation. It should be easy to dock/undock, charge, not damage anything or be damaged by collisions, and restore itself after a power outage. #WeHaveTheTechnology