Headache: When I ask McDonald’s for a hot caramel mocha and get the iced version (or vise versa, which also happens). 😤

On Columbus police not being allowed to enforce the panhandling law:

The problem is this, Mead said: A city’s laws prohibit people from asking for money on a corner or near an ATM, but they do not prevent people from talking about other things at the same places.

“You can sit there and insult people, or talk about Ohio State,” Mead said, but you can’t ask for money.

Jesus, we’re living in silly times. Let me guess — next, private business owners won’t be able to eject a panhandler for the same reason. Just yesterday, my wife and I (and nearly every other customer) were hit up for spare change by a guy walking through the Panera Bread in Dublin (inside the restaurant). Note that, of course, he wasn’t asking for food, he was asking for money. Unfortunately I overheard one of the customers give him something — dangerous and contributes to the problem. If your conscience kicks into overdrive every time you see a panhandler, here‘s a nice list of BBB-approved charities you can give to to help you sleep at night.

Amazon has registered a trademark in the U.S. for a service described as: “We do the prep. You be the chef,” according to a filing previously uncovered by The Sunday Times, based in the U.K.

Blue Apron shares hit an all-time intraday low of $6.51 a share, according to FactSet, and shares were last down more than 9 percent. CNBC

Amazon is clearly not afraid of loss leaders or experimenting with new business segments. For these other companies that do nothing but meal-kits, good luck. I don’t get them — recipes are free online, and don’t you have to go to the grocery store anyway (where food is fresher and a lot cheaper)? It’s Americans hitting peak laziness.