#tbt to the January 10th, 1997 issue of Radio & Records Magazine. It was the only time I ever got a mention in “the trades” (as they call these magazines in the radio business). We had just shut down the first station I ever worked for — 98.9 “Wild Country” — and flipped our sister station, 105.7, from classic rock to country. As a result, I was offered my first full-time job: the night show on “Kicks Country 105-7”. (They had me use the name “Stringbean Bradshaw” on the air — a nod to the skinny Hee Haw and Grand Ole Opry performer who was murdered back in the ’70s. For reasons I was never told, they referred to me as “Mike Bradshaw” in the article, even though I never used the name on the air.)

As a country station, 105.7 was a disaster. The signal was awful, yet we still tried to go head-to-head with WCOL. We were told at the beginning not to expect much more than a 1.5 share (and not be disappointed by it). After six months or so of dismal ratings and the morning guy being moved to overnights, I sensed bad things afoot and asked to go back to part-time. Shortly thereafter, the full-time staff was let go and I moved over to K95. That lasted for a month or two until I’d had enough of corporate radio and left to explore Los Angeles for a while. More on that later.