#tbt to AmeriFlora, which kicked off on this day 25 years ago. It was a big deal at the time, and, even though I was 15 and not at all into flowers, I remember it very well. You can still find flags and posters hanging here and there. Every time I go to Franklin Park, the remnants — the NavStar sculpture, the amphitheater — still remind me of it.

#tbt to 13 years ago and the March 29th, 2004 episode of Raw in Cincinnati. Look who’s in the crowd. 

Before there was Best Buy, there was Best. Although I spent much more of my allowance at Service Merchandise, we went to Best quite often as well. There was one very close to our house in the Northland area (that location is some sort of discount store now). These two stores had a pretty strange ordering process — ironically a lot like how we shop on Amazon now — but I used to live in their catalogs and always had a wish list. #tbt

Happy WrestleMania weekend. No, this picture is not photoshopped — #tbt to 2007 for an equal parts awesome and awkward job interview at WWE in Stamford, Connecticut. Remind me to chronicle this trip sometime. It was probably the weirdest two days of my life. #WM33

WWE Job Interview

Nothing beats ’80s toys. I had to have this robot — I don’t know why. It’s still serving me drinks after almost 30 years. #tbt #radioshack

#tbt to 1997. On the ramp at John Glenn International working for America West Airlines. No fun in the winter, but good times in the warm months. One of my favorite jobs, actually. #hair